Amy Shanahan, MS, CADC

    Amy Shanahan, MS, CADC (she, her, hers) Advanced Implementation Specialist, Opioid Response Network STR-TA/SOR-TA & Owner, Compass Consulting & Training, LLC

    Amy began her career in addiction treatment in the early 90s, working in outpatient clinics first as a clinician, then Clinical Supervisor and ultimately an Administrator.  After reading the 1st edition of Miller & Rollnick’s Motivational Interviewing (MI) book, Amy attended several MI trainings, began applying MI to her work, and hasn’t looked back — Amy firmly believes in the value of MI in work with anyone considering change.

    Amy’s commitment to MI in her own work quickly expanded to a desire to instruct others; Amy began facilitating trainings, conducting workshops and broadly assisting other practitioners.  Over the past 10 years, Amy has overseen many system-wide projects launched by agencies and community providers interested in enhancing skills and implementation across their organizations.

    Amy is passionate about supervision, leadership, and the importance of developing relationships and cultures in which people can be open to and curious about learning and change.

    Amy’s interest and passions ultimately prompted her to create her own company — Compass Consulting & Training — through which she assists individuals, teams, and agencies in achieving their change goals.  Compass proudly offers innovative consulting, coaching, and training services to people across the helping professions.